What we want to protect is, a life with choice.
The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship

Providing quality time to families caring for a seriously ill child.
Supporting Seriously Ill Children

Creating a stable today opens future for children.
Addressing Child Poverty

Share the pain. Share the hope. Share the future.

What is The Nippon Foundation
Kids Support Project?

Supporting Young Adults Raised in Foster care Facilities, Supporting Seriously ill children, Addressing child poverty, Happy Yurikago Project, Rocket Project for talented children, Helping Children Thrive Project

Through the help of your donations, we connect children to the future of society.

The Nippon Foundation supports children living with a variety of difficulties, including poverty, unstable family environments, and seriously ill. The Nippon Foundation is responsible for relaying the thoughts of our donors.

The Nippon Foundation
Dream Scholarship

We want to support the
education of children.

12.4% of children from  orphanages go to college

Higher education Employment Other
Universities, etc. Vocational schools
Children from orphanages 1,818 226 12.4% 211 11.6% 1,280 70.4% 101 5.6%
Institutionalized children 275 64 23.3% 60 21.8% 115 41.8% 36 13.1%
Children no longer institutionalized 1,543 162 10.5% 151 9.8% 1,165 75.5% 65 4.2%
Reference: All high school graduates 1,137,000 593,000 52.2% 249,000 21.9% 205,000 18.0% 89,000 7.8%

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's
December 2018 "Current Status of Social Care" Report

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Every year, about 1,800 children raised in orphanages turn 18 and become independent. 12.4% of them go on to university. This percentage is extremely low compared to the 52.2% of high school graduates who go on to university. Children who have been brought up under social welfare often have to pay for not only their tuition but also housing and living expenses all by themselves, causing many to give up on higher education.

Things you can do
for children right now

To children raised under social welfare programs Equal opportunity scholarships

Total donations: ¥208,403,601(as of April 2020)

The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship is a non-refundable scholarship that covers not only tuition, but also housing and living expenses. A social worker will work with children until they can get a job and support them, including psychiatric care. We need you to help create a society where young people raised under social welfare, either without parents or homes, do not have to give up on higher education.

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Supporting Seriously
Ill Children

We want to support
children suffering from
serious illnesses and
their families.

There are more than 250,000 children nationwide with seriously ill

For the more than 250,000 Japanese children with seriously ill, medical care is not the only thing they need. Their families struggle with exhaustion and societal isolation due to the requirements of hospitalization and constantly required nursing care. What can we do as a society to help these children and their families thrive?

Things you can do
for children right now

Developing communities where children with intractable diseases and their families are not

Total donations: ¥182,674,312(as of April 2020)

In order to create a community that supports children with seriously ill, The Nippon Foundation engages in a number of exchange activities including the construction of support facilities and events like camping. In the future, we hope to create 30 of these support facilities in order to build a society that supports children with seriously ill and their families. We need your help to accomplish this.

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Addressing Child

Support economically-
disadvantaged children

1 in 7 Japanese children live in poverty

The Shift in Japan's Childhood Poverty Rates

As of 2015, the poverty rate among Japanese children was 13.9%, or 1 in 7. The poverty-rate amongst single-parent families was 50.8%, with children growing up in such families tending to be disadvantaged in terms of education, they are likely to remain in poverty even as adults. What can we do to provide equal opportunities for all children?

Things you can do
for children right now

Things you can do for children right now Give children a place to feel at home

Total donations: ¥430,120,075(as of April 2020)

We're helping to create another home for children, staffed by professionally trained people and community volunteers, who support the lives and education of disadvantaged children. The safe environment we are building will assist children in growing up to be independent adults. We are working to expand our currently 30 facilities to 100 and we need your help to accomplish this.

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Why do you donate?


What happens when you donate?


Donations help lead to societal improvement

Conditions Income Net burden of taxes and social security
Current conditions ¥22.6 trillion ¥5.7 trillion
Improved conditions ¥25.5 trillion ¥6.8 trillion
Difference ¥2.9 trillion ¥1.1 trillion

As for childhood poverty, economic disparities during childhood create future income disparities, resulting in a total difference of ¥2.9 trillion per school grade. It is estimated that an average of ¥1.1 trillion per school grade is lost due to these circumstances.


How many people donate?


Nearly half of all Japanese people make donations annually.

Japan Fund Raising Association's "Donation White Paper 2017"


Are there other benefits to donating?


Donations to The Nippon Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donors can choose to make donations to The Nippon Foundation using either the "tax credit" or the "income deduction" method, and receive a deduction for donations.

For the proper
use of your donations

About The Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation has a long history spanning back to 1962 as its predecessor, the Japan Ship Promotion Association. It receives 2.9% of proceeds from boat racing as a grant, and provides business support to organizations engaged in public utilities both in Japan and overseas in order to expand the circle of social innovation.

3 Key Characteristics
of The Nippon Foundation

  • All the donations
    go to the children

    Donations received by The Nippon Foundation Kids Support Project funds are not used for The Nippon Foundation's operating expenses, and are used entirely for the support of disadvantaged children and their families.

  • Over 50 years
    of experience

    The Nippon Foundation is the largest aid organization in Japan and has supported NPOs and volunteers for over 50 years.

  • Accurate
    donor reports

    We will conduct an audit and report on the progress of the donations we receive.