Providing quality time to families caring for a seriously ill child.

He always seemed to be in pain.  At the time of his birth,

He wouldn't have made it without medical care.

But he still smiles nonetheless.  I can see he's happy,  and that makes me smiles too.

Free of tension, anxiety, and pain,  Maybe even more than at home.

A place where a family can feel like a family.  With my husband and three children.

Everyone can finally laugh together.

short-term medical facility MOMIJI HOUSE  Takei, Damaseno, Urara

Takei, Damaseno, Urara — short-term medical facility MOMIJI HOUSE

About 250,000 children nationwide are
impacted by illness or disability

About 140,000
# of childhood chronic specific illness
medical expenses subsidy recipients
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Materials for Serious Illness
Designated by the Health Science Council's Disease Control Section"
About 20,000
Number of children who need medical care daily
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
"2018 Health and Labor Science Research Report"

About 140,000 children nationwide receive serious illness subsidies. About 20,000 children need in-home medical care. Also, it is said that about 250,000 children nationwide face serious illness and disabilities. When dealing with serious illness, not only financial trouble but also the loss of contact with the outside world can lead to isolation. What can we do to support such children and their families?

What is The Nippon Foundation
Kids Support Project?

Supporting Young Adults Raised in Foster care Facilities, Supporting Seriously ill children, Addressing child poverty, Happy Yurikago Project, Rocket Project for talented children, Helping Children Thrive Project

Through the help of your donations, we connect children to the future of society.

The Nippon Foundation supports children living with a variety of difficulties, including poverty, unstable family environments, and seriously ill. The Nippon Foundation is responsible for relaying the thoughts of our donors.

A society that supports
children and
families facing
serious illness together

Construction of support facilities for
seriously ill children and families

  • Construction of support
    facilities for seriously
    ill children and families

    Seriously ill children and their families are in and out of hospitals often. The Nippon Foundation constructs facilities for the care of children in need of medical care. We support isolated children with serious illnesses and their families in the community and provide a place for them to play and learn.

    What We Have Accomplished So Far

    We have constructed support facilities for seriously ill children and their families in 21 locations nationwide, and are currently constructing 5 new facilities (as of the end of January 2020). We operate facilities in cooperation with local organizations. The number of support facilities and the number of operating staff, however, are still insufficient.

Activities to Support Hospitalized Children

  • Activities to Support Hospitalized Children

    The Nippon Foundation organizes hospital events to provide children with long hospital stays a chance to feel like a child.

    What We Have Accomplished So Far

    Hospital clowns visit patients, playing with children and offer smiles for all. The ward has a bright, relaxed atmosphere.

Making Dreams Come True

  • Making Dreams
    Come True

    The Nippon Foundation creates [TT1] memories for families, such as camp activities and trips, for children and families who cannot normally travel due to serious illnesses that require medical care and/or disabilities.

    What We Have Accomplished So Far

    We are planning a trip to Disneyland for the whole family, which we have never been able to do, and a camping experience with medical volunteers—it helps put our minds at ease.

Comments from  Children at  the Facilities

  • My 4-year-old son [IK1] is bedridden most of the day because of serious illness. Life at home revolves around his medical care, so even a little outing requires much of the family. At MOMIJI HOUSE, you can leave care to the staff and relax a little. Seasonal events are held here and the whole family can forget about medical care for a little while.

    Short-term medical-type facility

    Takei, Damaseno, Urara

Comments from  Facility Staff

  • Families facing seriously ill children are constantly nervous and anxious. Thanks to MOMIJI HOUSE, the families can relax a little. It's a place where the whole family can feel refreshed. Approximately 60 families use the facility each month, but we cannot accommodate all of the applicants. We hope to help as many as possible with our short-term medical facilities like MOMIJI HOUSE, and we hope the number of families will increase in the future.

    Short-term medical-type admission facility

    Mr. Katsuyasu Uchida,
    House Manager

  • At MOMIJI HOUSE, morning is a time for the kids to do group activities. In the afternoon, we provide individual support. MOMIJI HOUSE communicates with parents and provides care in accordance with each family's wishes. In addition to 15 nurses [IK1], there is nursery staff, but there are not enough staff to provide medical care along with necessary childcare and education.

    Nurse director, short-term medical facility

    Eriko Udagawa

3 Key Characteristics of The
Nippon Foundation

  • All the donations
    go to the children

  • Over 50 years of

  • Accurate donor

Total donations: ¥182,674,312(as of April 2020)